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Why Does My Hedge Trimmer Only Run On Full Choke

Sometimes all you need is some time out in your garden while you put your all into the cleaning and maintenance. We all know how aesthetically pleasing and satisfying it can be to have a freshly cut and cleaned garden. However, this satisfaction might be taken away from you if you don’t have your tools with you.

A lot of times, people complain about their garden trimmers not running a certain way. The most common issue is that the trimmer or weed whacker would only run at full choke. We understand how annoying it can be, but fortunately for you, we come bearing solutions. Take a look down below to figure out why your trimmer only runs on full choke and what are some easy solutions to fix it.

Trimmer Running Only On Full Choke? Here’s Why!

There are several reasons behind your trimmer running only on full choke, but we have outlined the major ones. One common occurrence for people all over the world is the issue with fuel settings. If there are issues with your machine, such as this one, then there are 90% chances that the gasp cap issue is the one that’s behind it.

What you need to do is first start by keeping an eye on the inflow of fuel in your machine. This will help you detect the root cause of the problem. A major reason why it runs only on full choke is that when you start it and feel hindrances, there might be a problem with the gas cap. In such cases, the check valve in the gas cap tends to get clogged. As a result of this, your machine will only function when it is on full choke.

Don’t worry though, this is a pretty common issue, and there are solutions for this as well. First off, what you need to do is turn the trimmer on and start it. Once done, you should very gently ease into the process of unscrewing the gas cap. Make sure that you do it only halfway. Next, turn off the choke setting and take a moment to analyses the issue.

If you see that the engine is still running, then it is a clear indication that the gas cap is off issue here. Cleaning is required. Disconnect it, turn the engine off and remove the gas cap completely. Now, you have to clean the area completely. Doing this with warm and soapy water will give a thorough cleaning. However, if you feel like it is too dirty, then getting a replacement for the gas cap will be required.

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Alternative Solutions to Machine Running Only On Full Choke

As mentioned earlier, an engine needing a full choke to run can be a result of various issues. Down below, we are listing a few other issues that could arise with your machine. Moreover, solutions to avoid those are also mentioned.

1. Carburetor Cleaning

Cleanup and maintenance are essential for any machines out there, and this includes your garden trimmer as well. Other than the gas cap, you might even have to take a look at the carburetor to see if it needs cleaning. A clogged carburetor or one with dirt in it can create hurdles in the efficient performance of your trimmer.

First off, take a look at the seals to check if they are clogged or damaged. Next up, if need be, you can take it out and further inspect it. On inspection, the first thing to note is if it is damaged or just dirty. A damaged carburetor is supposed to be replaced, but a dirty one should be cleaned. Clean it thoroughly and remove any signs of blockage or dirt that may have compiled into the system. This is the best way to return it to normal operational form.

Moreover, it is also recommended to purchase a rebuild kit from your nearest store or manufacturer. This can help you learn the basics of assembling and dissembling.

2. Fuel Lines and Filter

The next issue that could arise with your machine is related to the fuel lines installed in it. These fuel lines are attached to the carburetor and are essential for proper functioning. If the problem persists, then you might have to replace them. This is done to make certain that there is the correct amount of fuel in the trimmer.

The process for thins pretty simple but requires a lit bit of care. Before you dive headfirst into removing the fuel lines and fuel filter and get to installing new ones, you should take care of the existing fuel in the trimmer. Empty it before you proceed.

Next, take up needle-nose pliers. With these, you can detach the lines and fill the filter out. Another way of removing the line is by taking out the cover plate of the carburetor. Once removed, the lines can be removed from that end.

For new fuel lines, you can either search up online, talk to your manufacturer if you want credible material, or you can browse through your home improvement stores. Simply attach them back to the carburetor and put them in the new filter.

3. External Help

Lastly, if the problem persists, then you might need to take things up a notch and get in touch with professionals. A mechanic or your manufacturer will be the right choice if you still have a warranty. They can help you understand whether the problem is with the piston or the crankshaft. They will help provide you with an estimate for the repairs need or if you should even get repairs or just buy a new one.

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Bottom Line

Machines require our attention as, without regular maintenance and cleanup, there is a lot that can go wrong. Read on above to figure out why your machine is only working on full choke. If you still can’t figure it out, we suggest you talk to a professional and sort it out.



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