Why Does My Drill Smell

Why Does My Drill Smell?

A lot of people, while using drill machines, often observe a smell coming from it. There can be a couple of reasons that can explain the source of that smell.

A drilling machine can smell due to several reasons: overheating of the machine, melting of the parts, and shorting of the battery.

Why Does My Drill Smell

Reasons that drill machine may smell

Let’s cover these reasons in detail and figure out what push starts the smell from the drill.

Overheating of drill machine

The most common scenario concerning overheating is the overtime usage of the machine. Using the drill machine for an extended period will overheat it and produce a smell. In such conditions, it will also become too hot to touch. However, if you have been using the drill for a short period and it starts to smell, there could be a couple of underlying reasons.

Ideally, the first attempt should be to let the drill sit idle and cool down. Once it has cooled down, you can start working again while keeping your nose out for that burning smell. Make sure also to check if the machine needs to be replaced or sharpened.

Worn-out brushes

Worn-down brushes can also result in overheating of the machine when used. It can also cause a burning smell. Worn-down brushes will continue playing a significant role in the eruption of burning incense. So, the ideal solution is to replace them with new ones to stop the machine from smelling.

Breathing their last drill machines

Drill machines that are either at the end of their life expectancy or have surpassed that line will also overheat quicker than new machines. Many drill machines start to overheat faster with time without any other visible problem. It can be a sign to let them go and replace them with a new one.

Excessive use of pressure

Applying too much pressure while drilling can also cause the machine to overheat quickly and start smelling. Use adequate pressure with a light hand while using the drill machine. Ensure that no harm is done to the drill machine by opting for slow speed and firm pressure.

Melting of plastic parts

Plastic parts of the drill machines can also be the root cause of the smell.  It might seem unlikely, but it is accurate and can happen. The melting of the plastic parts can result in a foul burning smell.

Battery not working correctly

Installation of new batteries can also cause problems with drill machines. In the case of an out-of-order battery, the drill machine will not operate at all. However, sometimes the batteries can cause the drill machines to work harder than they can take. It can also result in the formation of a burning smell. An ideal way to check if the battery operates fine is by charging it and then checking the battery’s voltage. Voltage higher than required can also translate as Shorting of the Battery.

There are three kinds of batteries that are used in cordless drills. These types are Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithium-ion. Mostly in case of overheating or short circuits, drill machines will power down and stop working. However, if that doesn’t happen and you suspect the battery to cause the defect, put the machine down.

What are the possible ways to prevent the drill from overheating?

Using a lubricant like cutting oil is excellent, tried, and tested method to prevent the drill from overheating. Cutting oil reduces friction, and that helps in diminishing the heat buildup in the drill machine. Using cutting oil will do your drill machine two significant benefits – prevent overheating and extend the life of the drill machine.

There are a few types of cutting oil that are used in the drill machine. Some of them are as follows;

  • Carbon Dioxide coolants
  • Aerosols
  • Compressed air
  • Liquids
  • Pastes or gels

Is it normal for drills to spark?

A sparking drill machine can be an alarming situation for first-time users. Electric drills that contain brushed DC motors can spark. However, the spark is consistent and contained within the drill machine. The sparks are a sign of alarm if they are intermittent and are bursting around the motor, power cord, or battery compartment.

If you witness white sparks emitting from the drill, then it is a sign to stop using the machine immediately. These sparks can be dangerous, and they indicate that something may be wrong with the motor. It is best to identify the probable cause of sparking and then fix the root cause to prevent further sparking.

Is it possible to overheat a cordless drill?

Cordless drills can overheat when there is a lot of pressure on the motor. Subsequently, cordless drills can also overheat when they are used on materials that are difficult to drill. It can cause added pressure on the drill machine, resulting in overheating the drill machine.

How to extend the shelf life of a cordless drill?

A little research can not only keep you safe while drilling but will also play an active role in increasing the lifespan of your cordless drill. Take a look at these tips to ensure the safety and longevity of the drill machine.

1.  Read the instruction manual

Whenever you buy a cordless drill, make sure you go through the instruction manual at length. It will ensure that you have all the necessary information about how the drill machine works.

2. Use lubrication wisely

A cordless drill with properly lubricated moving parts will work more efficiently than one which is not lubricated. It will also prevent overheating and damage and add to the life of the drill.

3.  Don’t let it overheat

Knowing the amount of time you can use the cordless drill without overheating the tool is crucial. Try to incorporate short breaks while using the drill machine to prevent overheating.

4.  Sharpen the drill bits periodically

Using a drill with dulled-down tools can increase the pressure and cause overheating. Try to sharpen the drill bits or replace them if needed to make sure that optimal usage is possible.


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