Why Do Drill Bits Get Stuck In Wood

Why Do Drill Bits Get Stuck In Wood?

Are you having trouble with bits getting stuck in the wood? You’ve come to the right place. We understand how annoying it can be to not use your drill properly with tiny pieces stuck here and there.

In most cases, the drill gets stuck in wood because of the carbide material creeping into the wood as you dive into it while drilling. Don’t worry, as the solution is pretty simple. There can also be a few other reasons behind this issue which can also be dealt with easily.

Keep on reading to learn why the drill bits are getting stuck and what you can do to solve this problem.

Why Do Drill Bits Get Stuck In Wood

Why Drill Bits Get Stuck in the Wood

A majority of the time, you might find yourself facing trouble with your drill because it keeps getting stuck in the wood. For all such times, we have news for you. It is widespread, and finding a solution is no issue either.

Drill bits can get stuck in the wood, and there is a reason behind it. When you are using the drill, there will be some carbide material in there that will force the process and creep into the wood. This is a prevalent issue; the carbide is supposed to cut a large hole, which is big enough for the bit piece to fit right in; however, there might be some issues and find their way inside the wood.

How to fix it

You might not be able to get the drill bits out yourself on the first try because of a lack of the appropriate tools available. First up, we suggest you get your hands on a wrench. Without a wrench, you will, without a doubt, face difficulty as the plastic will be out of your grip. Now, once a steady grip has been obtained, you can then try to twist it. By rotating it, you will be able to get it open and remove the bit.

The direction for t3wisitng can vary from one manufacturer to another, but the gist remains the same. You can try to twist it in a clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction.

That should quickly solve your problem and remove the bits. However, if this trick doesn’t work, keep reading to find some alternative reasons why it might be happening and what you can do to solve it.

Alternative Reasons for Drill Bits Getting Stuck in Wood

1.     Lack of Proper Oiling

One primary reason behind a drill bit getting stuck in the first place is the lack of proper oiling. When it comes to the maintenance of drills, you need to be highly efficient with the oiling process to avoid any such troubles.

Once the drill has been appropriately oiled, you will have no problem sliding the drill bit inside or out. Make sure that you conduct regular maintenance of the drill to avoid any such troubles. If the oiling area is not tackled promptly, you might find yourself having to chuck away the old drill because of extreme wear and tear.

2.     Overtightened Parts

Another reason why a drill bit might get stuck in the wood is because the owner has been a little too efficient in tightening the part. Overtightening can cause trouble in pulling the bit back, and as a result, you will have a bit that’s stuck in the wood.

When drill owners are tightening the part, they need to consider that there will be vibrations once the drill starts functioning. As a result of these vibrations, the pull on the chuck can get even tighter and more complex. So, when it comes to removing the bit, you will face difficulty as it will be extremely tight.

3.     Incorrect Drills

This is one reason that you can get more surely on by getting confirmation from experts. Bring in some maintenance repair experts and ask them if the drill you are using is the right one for the job or not. Often, homeowners tend to pick the wrong drill for the wrong job.

For instance, some bits of drill out there are created so that they work best when a person uses them for drilling metal. On the other hand, some bits out there will work wonders with wood but not with any other material. If you use the wrong one, the bit will likely get stuck, leaving you in a troublesome situation.

4.     Bolt Stud Troubles

If the first solution didn’t apply to you, chances are, you might be having trouble with the bolt stud. Drill bits can get stuck in the wood. Often, drill bits can get stuck right in the stud of the bolt you have in place. More than usually, this will be a metal bolt.

The troubles with bolts usually arrive when people try to remove a broken bolt all on their own. However, with the lack of appropriate tools, it can go south. Bring in your machine shop tools, and you’ll be good to go.

For this issue, we suggest you first try welding. You will need something to hold on to for the correction. For this purpose, you can go welding a piece of stock into the broken and stuck bit. Once you have a firm grip, you can now bring in the plasma cutters and eliminate the issue.

Tips for Maintenance

  1. Try to keep up with the oiling process regally so that no bits can get stuck in the machine. Once it has been properly lubricated, there will be no such trouble.
  2. If you find yourself with a stuck bit, your best bet is to get a sufficient grip on the bit and twist to release it.
  3. Pliers are also an excellent tool for removing bits that have been trapped in the wood or any other material.
  4. Ask for expert help or bring a friend with you who is well-versed in drills to ensure that you get the proper drill for your work.

Drill bit getting stuck in the wood is one recurring problem with drills all over the world. Make sure that you are up to date with the maintenance to take preventive measures. Moreover, get experts in to check whether you are using the right drill for the material on hand or not.



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