Garden Pots Theft

How to Secure Garden Pots Against Theft?

Anyone out there who has a home garden knows that there is a lot that comes with the territory. From the upkeep and maintenance to security, you have to cover all your bases to stay safe. When there are tons spent on gardens for maintenance, one should work on the security elements as well.

How To Secure Garden Pots Against Theft?

The best way of securing pots against theft is by making sure you plant in bigger pots. This will make it very difficult for opportunist thieves to simply take them. You should also actively your garden using surveillance cameras to catch thieves red handed.

Down below, we will be outlining several methods through which you can secure garden pots again theft. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Garden Pots Theft

1.      Security Boundaries

First and foremost, since gardens and yards are the outermost part of your house, there are high chances that thieves will try to get into your house by jumping walls. Unfortunately for you, this can be quite easy for them and hard for you to stop until and unless you beef up your security levels by increasing the height of your outermost wall. This might seem like a tedious process, but a one-time effort can save your pots and your money in the long term.

If your outermost boundary isn’t a wall, then you can work on opting for the tallest fences. This way, you can prohibit easy access for unwanted strangers and keep the aesthetic appeal of the house as well.

2.      Anti-Climb Accessories

Secondly, what we have is a sort of alteration for the first step. If, after considering your finances, you think as of now it is not possible for you to work on increasing the height of your walls, then what you need to do is get some anti-climb accessories. These accessories, as the name suggests, are designed specially to keep unwanted visitors at bay. For walls and fences, some spikes can be fitted on the top, anti-climb paint, and ever roller barriers.

The only catch here is that sometimes regulations come into play with anti-climb accessories. For this, we suggest you get in touch with your local authorities or the police to check if you can choose a particular device or not. This will keep you in the clear, and the best part is that it works wonders for both human and animal visitors.

3.      Attacking Plants

It is not practical to assume that one would forever be present in the view of the garden to ensure the security of the pots. What you need to do is leave the element of safeguarding the plants to themselves. Among others, be sure to include defensive plants in your garden. As specified, these plants tend to be quite defensive as they have thorns and edges that can pin and hurt.

The trick is to place them right near the wall so that they can snuggle up in the corners. Anyone who bothers to jump the wall will be welcomed with a thorny shrub known to produce a shriek or two. These plants will not only help you with the element of anti-theft but are also perfect for aesthetic appeal.

4.      Surveillance Cameras

The next one is a no-brainer.  Security camera sari is known to be highly effective. According to statistics, experts believe that 67% of burglaries and robberies can be prevented and halted if people made use of CCTV camera systems for their homes. Of course, everyone is quite smart these days (thieves included), so you want to make certain that your cameras are not in plain sight.

Strategically place them in such a way that they are not easily spotted by an outsider. These camera systems often come with mobile apps that are compatible and with an in0-home viewing system. You can easily station a guard at the screen, or you can choose to keep an eye out to ensure that there is no one lurking around your property.

5.      Maintenance of the Property

Sure, making your garden look appealing from the inside is important, but you want to make sure that your house is as immaculate on the outside as it is on the inside. What we mean by this is that you don’t want any untrimmed trees or hedges in the view of your cameras. This will render them completely useless.

Try to trim any trees, shrubs, or hedges right outside your house whenever required. This will not only give you a neat and tidy look from the outside but will also prevent allowing space for thieves to hide in.

6.      Anchoring Down

Another way of ensuring safety for your plants is to literally chain them to the ground. Most criminals out there won’t be equipped with cutters for a basic job, such as stealing a few pots. By anchoring your pots to the terrace or ground, you can avoid any easy theft easily.

You can either choose to anchor them to different surfaces or tie the plants with cable sand chains. This is an easy method, and you can perk up the aesthetic appeal by getting some beautiful-looking cables.

7.      Placement of Plants

Next, once you have covered the basics of the external elements, you should work on your placement strategy. This is pretty easy and will require your creative side. All you need to make sure that your high-value plants or the expensive ones are placed away from the walls. So, even if a thief finds a way into your garden, they won’t have easy access to them.

Moreover, it is also wise not to go over-the-top with conspicuous plants, or they can seem a bit too overwhelming and attract more danger.

8.      Potting Tricks

While potting your plant, the trick is to think ahead. You want to help keep the beauty alive, but you also want to keep them safe. The easiest way of attaining both objectives is by using large and heavy pots. These pots will be too heavy to lift if there is just one pair of hands.

Get to Planting!

If you love planting, then we understand how aggravating it can be to get your possessions stolen from right under your nose. Make use of the methods given above, and you can add in extra elements of safety for your pots.




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