Securing Garden Obelisk

How To Secure Garden Obelisk?

Having a garden obelisk can be the icing on the cake for garden lovers, as it will accommodate some extra plants while adding an essence of beauty to your garden. But it remains unresolved that what will it take to secure a garden obelisk?

Securing a garden obelisk can be a hard nut to crack for those who know nothing about gardening and having an obelisk. But those who know a bit about modern-day gardening will be able to secure a garden obelisk with ease. Securing a garden obelisk may seem a hard task, but if performed under professional guidance, it can be done in the course of half an hour or less.

In this draft, you will come to know how to secure a garden obelisk without placing many efforts finely. Here, the blog will talk about what it will take to secure a garden obelisk and how finely you will be able to do it on your own. Along with it, some of the amazingly interesting facts about a garden obelisk will be discussed below to help the reader have a detailed guide about a garden obelisk.

How to secure a garden obelisk?

Setting up and securing a garden obelisk can be difficult for those who do not take proper guidance before securing a garden obelisk, resulting in the poorly secured garden obelisk. So, if you want to secure a garden obelisk finely, it is essential to look at which type of garden obelisk you own. Usually, people own a wooden obelisk that not only provides a natural look to your garden but is also garden-friendly. But some prefer metallic obelisk.

To secure a metallic obelisk, what you need to do is look up for attached hooks at the bottom of the obelisk to secure it finely, and if you own a wooden obelisk, you will have to make sure that you bury its feet finely under the ground.


Securing Garden Obelisk

Essential things required for properly securing an obelisk

To secure a garden obelisk finely, one will need to have certain essentials. If you have a wooden obelisk to be secured, then what you need is some plastic bags or aluminum foil, hooks (for extra safety), a digger, and a hammer. And, if you own a metallic obelisk, you only need some hooks and a hammer to secure it perfectly.

Securing a garden obelisk: A thorough overview

To secure a garden obelisk with perfection, one will have to follow a designed set of rules, and for this, you will have to follow and acknowledge this draft religiously.

· Find an ideal location to secure an obelisk

One of the most common mistakes that most garden lovers make is that they do not craft a good location to secure a garden obelisk. This not only ruins the beauty of your garden but also affects the life of your plants in the long term. One needs to define an ideal location for securing a garden obelisk- either it is wooden or metallic. Doing this will help the owner to add the extra taste of beauty to their garden.

· Dig holes (for wooden obelisk)

Once you have the ideal location for setting up your garden obelisk, you need to dig holes as per your obelisk’s feet. All of the obelisks own 4 feet unless you have done some alteration in them. So, you now need to dig holes that can be as deep as 1 foot. Make sure that the holes are dug perfectly as per the feet of the obelisk. Not doing so may disturb the equilibrium of your obelisk.

· Put plastic/jiffy bags over the feet of the obelisk (for wooden obelisk)

One of the essential things you will have to do is place some plastic bags over your garden’s feet obelisk to safe from water and bugs inside the ground. Also, make sure to put thick plastic bags for extra safety. Once done with it, you will have to place the obelisk’s feet into the holes and fill them up again. For securing it more firmly, you can also fill the holes with cement, but it will be a permanent fix.

· Attach the obelisk with metal stakes

If you own a metallic obelisk, you must have noticed that it comes up with a hook attached to all four feet of it. These hooks are provided for a quick and firm fix of the obelisk to the ground. Therefore, in a metallic obelisk, what you need to do is take four metal stakes and hammer down those stakes into the ground after affixing them with the four hooks attached to all of the feet of the obelisk.

It must not go without mentioning that you can also perform the same process with your wooden obelisk, but for this, one will have to attach hooks to the obelisk first and then perform the above-provided procedure.

Following all the above-provided steps will allow the garden owner to secure the obelisk with hardly any effort.

What plants can be grown on an obelisk?

Something that mostly remains unanswered is what plants can grow on an obelisk. The answer to this question lies in the heart of small climbing plants. An obelisk was designed to help the smaller climbing plants to grow with ease. May it be sweet peas of any other such plant; they are good to grow on the obelisk.

How to increase the life of the wooden obelisk?

Most people fear that a wooden obelisk will not last as much as a metallic obelisk. Therefore, if you own a wooden obelisk and fear its early death, then what you need to do is provide your obelisk with an anti-bug coating along with a water-resistant coating for adding some extra years to its life. Doing this will allow you to enjoy your wooden obelisk for a longer period.

Have fun with your finely secured obelisk

Once you have followed all of the above-provided steps, you’ve certainly succeeded in securing your obelisk with perfection. Hence, you are good to enjoy a perfectly secured garden obelisk that will last for years to come.

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