Repair Chainsaw Ignition Coil

How To Repair A Chainsaw Ignition Coil?

People who own a chainsaw must have one question: Is it possible to repair a chainsaw ignition coil. If yes, how can you do it? If no, then what is the alternate?

Repairing a chainsaw ignition coil is not child’s play. It may take you hours, and if there are no proper tools available and no guideline is provided, one may create a mess out of the chainsaw. Moreover, it is also impossible to repair an ignition coil if it has stopped working to some extent. So, what can you do to make it work?

In the draft, the reader will know about some of the best methods to get rid of the poorly working ignition coil issue. The blog contains some of the most beneficial information that readers would love to have. Therefore, if you want to resolve the issue of an out-of-order ignition coil of chainsaw, there is no better option than religiously following this draft.

How To Repair A Chainsaw Ignition Coil?

It must not go without mentioning that repairing an ignition coil through the method provided below can be hazardous and may not work for all the chainsaw ignition coils, as there is no authentic way to repair it.

To repair a chainsaw ignition coil, you’ll have to remove the spark plug and lubricate the cylinder walls. Now make sure the clearance between flywheel and coil is accurate. Now, spin the flywheel at the speed of 2000rpm with the help of a drill, and ensure that the rotation is clockwise.

Doing the opposite may jeopardize your chainsaw flywheel. If everything goes right, you will be able to get back your ignition coil to normal in the span of a few seconds.

If you are unable to repair your ignition coil by this method, there is no other way to make things go right for you. Here, the only option left is replacing the ignition coil to make your chainsaw work again. This may cost you a lot, but this is how it is done.

Repair Chainsaw Ignition Coil

How Much Replacing An Ignition Coil Costs?

Replacing a chainsaw ignition coil is not so much costly. On average, a person can get a chainsaw ignition coil for as low as $10, and if you want to spend money on some good ignition coils, it will affect your pocket as much as $50. Moreover, replacing a chainsaw ignition coil is quite an easy task to perform and can be done with little knowledge of chainsaws. Hence, if your chainsaw ignition coil has stopped working, it is better to replace it for as low as $10.

What Leads Ignition Coil To Fail?

An ignition coil certainly is one of the most reliable parts of a chainsaw, but it does not mean that it cannot fail. Various factors can cause a chainsaw ignition coil to fail. These factors include overheating the chainsaw due to continuous working, and vibration may also cause the ignition coil to fail due to various openings in the ignition coil winding’s primary and secondary openings. These two are the most common reasons for the failure of a chainsaw ignition coil.

How Can You Test A Chainsaw Ignition Coil?

Testing a chainsaw ignition coil is not a hard task to perform. What you need to do is pull the ignition rope and observe the spark plug. If there’s a spark jumping from the spark plug to the chainsaw, the ignition coil works perfectly. But, if you witness no spark, it is suggested to replace the ignition coil as soon as possible. It will help you to keep your chainsaw in good condition. Also, it is recommended that the ignition coil needs to be tested in low light to gauge the spark finely.

Repair Chainsaw Ignition Coil

How To Know If Ignition Coil Is In Bad Condition?

If you are good enough that you can smell a bad ignition coil, then it may add some extra years to the life of your chainsaw. But, for this, you need to check the symptoms of a lousy ignition coil strictly. The first thing that can be called the symptom of an impoverished ignition coil is that your chainsaw takes time to start, or it turns off after starting.

Along with it, if your chainsaw turns off and does not start for a long time until it cools down, the issue is with your ignition coil. Therefore, if you witness any such issue, then at the very first, you should check your ignition coil by following the above-provided method.

Is It Fine To Use A Chainsaw With Poor Ignition Coil?

Indeed, it is possible to run a chainsaw even if the coil is about to die, but it is never suggested to do so. This will not only waste your time but will also jeopardize other parts of a chainsaw. So, if you witness that your chainsaw ignition coil is having issues, it is suggested that you should replace it as quickly as it is possible. Not doing so may lead you to a bigger problem that will cost a lot.

Will A New Chainsaw Ignition Coil Enhance Performance?

The frequently asked question by the chainsaw owner is that a new ignition coil will improve the chainsaw’s performance. A new chainsaw ignition coil will inevitably help to enhance the performance of the chainsaw. A new ignition coil is the guarantee of improved winding, which ensures a chainsaw’s performance. Therefore, if you have chosen to install a new ignition coil in your chainsaw, it will undoubtedly impact the performance in a good manner.

Enjoy Your Amazing Chainsaw With Replaced Ignition Coil

If you have acknowledged the article, then it is sure that you know that replacing an ignition coil is the ultimate solution. So, if you have replaced the coil, you are good to g with your chainsaw. Moreover, if you use it with care now, you will not have to replace it for some years to come. It is what can allow you to enjoy your chainsaw with no issues faced.



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