Garden Strimmer Won't Start

How To Fix A Strimmer That Won’t Start?

Are fed up with your strimmer because it just wouldn’t start? You’ll be happy to know that there’s no need to worry or purchase a new strimmer. We have got your back with a solution to your problem that has caused you so much trouble. First of all, you need to identify the potential reasons why your strimmer doesn’t seem to start. Then, research how you could fix those issues that are becoming a hurdle for you when you start the strimmer. And finally, you must take practical steps that can help you resolve the issues.

A strimmer not starting can be of many reasons, however the most common reasons why a strimmer won’t start is be because it simply hasn’t got fuel in the strimmer. Other reasons include having a properly flooded engine as well as making sure the spark plug is working properly.

Let’s assume that it is a hot summer day; the sweat is dripping along your forehead. On top of that, you have to trim your garden this weekend. We can imagine how challenging that can be. In this situation, it surely adds fuel to the fire when your strimmer refuses to start. No need to get frustrated, as that’s where we come in. This article will guide you on how to fix a strimmer that won’t start without having to purchase a new one. One of the most basic reasons why a strimmer won’t start is that there is an issue with the fuel. If that is not what your issue is, then let’s just continue reading.

So, let’s not test your patience anymore and fulfill your curiosity.

Garden Strimmer Won't Start

Is lack of priming the reason why your strimmer is not starting?

One of the major reasons can be the elimination of priming of your strimmer. If you have not primed your strimmer, there is a huge possibility that your strimmer would not start. So, before trying to start your strimmer, do not mistakenly forget the priming step of your strimmer.

Did you fuel up the strimmer?

Fueling up your strimmer is a necessary step. You must check the fuel if you notice that your strimmer is having issues in starting up. Another important thing is to check if you have properly filled the fuel. Only filling the fuel would not help. The right method of filling the fuel properly must be followed to get your strimmer started. Filling with the gas to oil ratio is the proper method that needs to be followed. Also, it is important to make sure that you refill the fuel after emptying the tank. Do not miss out on checking the gasoline of your strimmer if you want it to start.

Is the engine properly flooded?

Now, go and check if your engine is properly flooded. If not, follow the following steps:

  1. Move the choke of your strimmer to the third position.
  2. Squeeze the control of your strimmer’s throttle.
  3. Pull your strimmer’s starter rope until its engine starts working.

Are the air filters clean?

As you know, cleanliness is obligatory. A dirty air filter can be a huge reason for your strimmer not starting. It is vital to clean your strimmer’s air filter now and then. In case you have not cleaned the air filters of your strimmer, and it has been a while. Go and get your strimmer cleaned up. After cleaning up, you will notice that your strimmer will start working. Most of the time, the only reason for strimmers not starting is because of issues with their maintenance and cleanliness. If the strimmer’s cleanliness is not maintained, the strimmer does not start. This simple reason causes great hurdles in getting your strimmer started.

Do not neglect the maintenance of its spark plug?

Did you keep the maintenance of your spark plug? Check out if your spark plug is not fouled. In most cases, a fouled spark plug can be the cause of your strimmer not being started. If you notice any blackness, foul, or dirt on your spark plug. Do not forget to remove it. Your strimmer will surely work if you get your spark plug maintained. Maintenance of your strimmer’s spark plug will make it start.

Are the chokes fitted in the right place?

The position of the choke should be in its correct place. Now, what is its correct place? Let us tell you; the right place for the choke lever of your strimmer is position 1. If it is not in its position or is misplaced, the strimmer would not start at any cost.

Is the carburetor well-maintained?

It is very important to keep your carburetor maintained. The low maintenance of your strimmer’s carburetor can be another reason for it not being started. You must be aware if your carburetor is well-maintained and clean. Using carburetor cleaning sprays can be very helpful in keeping your carburetor maintained and cleaned. You must remove the air filter of your strimmer and properly clean the carburetor. Following this tip is definitely going to eliminate your worry and get your strimmer started.

Is the fuel used sub-standard?

Sometimes, you might be unaware that the fuel you are using is not up to the mark in quality. The sub-standard fuel can play a barrier in getting your strimmer started. Try switching to a two-stroke oil and check the difference. You will be amazed to see your strimmer will start after you switch to a better-quality fuel for it.

Keep up with the technological issues

Where technology has made our lives easier, its issues are also quite problematic and unavoidable. The technological issues may be one of the major reasons your strimmer would not start. There might be some sort of electrical issue that is stopping your strimmer from starting. Check your strimmer’s electrical battery if it is properly working. If you get to know that your strimmer’s battery is dead, replace it with a new one. Being aware of your strimmer’s technical issues and resolving them will help you make your life easy by getting your strimmer started.

These simple steps discussed above can be the life-saver for your strimmer that would not start. Now, you know your strimmer the best. You must figure out what is the potential reason for your strimmer not being started. Find out the problem of your strimmer and resolve it yourself using the instructions given in this article.



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