How To Fix A Jammed Garden Shredder?

How To Fix A Garden Shredder That Is Jammed?

Maintenance is crucial when it comes to gardening; however, it is also essential that one has all the required tools to perform it aptly. Often, people have their sheds and garages stocked with tools for cleaning and maintenance purposes, but they are out of use. Among other items, one major tool is a garden shredder. There are tons of people out there who tend to discard their garden shredders and forget about them when they get jammed.

We understand the dilemma of purchasing such expensive tools again and again. Read on below to learn how to fix a garden shredder that is jammed. Once you go through the steps mentioned below, all will be clear, and you can go back to working on your garden.

The best way of fixing a jammed garden shredder is by removing the blockage with your hands. Blockages tend to garden rocks or hard pieces of wood.

How to Fix a Jammed Garden Shredder?

Working with a garden shredder that is blocked is going to leave you in agony. You must unjam it before you start working again for maximum efficiency. Let’s go through the steps.

1. Determine the Problem

First off, what you need to do is make a diagnosis. This can be done by analyzing your shredder and taking a deep look at it. You need to determine the spot where the material is jammed. Try to find out where the blockage has taken place so that you can proceed on to the next step of removing it. This is a pretty easy step as the blockage is usually big enough to be visible right on the first look.

2. Determine the Material

Secondly, once you have spotted where the blockage has taken place, the next thing to do is analyze the material or the object that is stuck in your shredder. This is pretty easy as, often, it will be whatever you have dealt with last. Many times, it will either be wood, hard garden rocks, or even wet materials at times. Don’t worry though, removing all these pretty easy.

3. Take Safety Precautions

Before you stick your hand right in the shredder, don’t forget to take all the necessary safety precautions. Firstly, start the safety procedure but putting on gloves and a mask if needed. If you don’t have a mask, then you can simply put work-related eyewear. Next, make sure that the shredder is NOT plugged into the socket. This is a crucial step, and you must double-check it. Lastly, place the machine in front of you at a position where it is right in your view.

4. Remove The Object

Lastly, we come to the part where you get rid of the blockage. Try to first remove the object with your hands. If it still doesn’t come out, then you can use tools to wedge it out. However, make sure that you take utmost care while operating near the blade. And you’re done! Once removed, activate the motor to ensure that it is working fine and get back to work!

How To Fix A Jammed Garden Shredder?
A stump is shredded with removal, grinding the stumps and roots into small chips

Maintenance of Garden Shredders

Sure, you have bought a garden shredder, but how do you avoid having such small problems landing down in your lap again and again? The answer is maintenance. Always remember that no matter how efficiently your machine is, it is merely a machine, and all of them require care and maintenance. Down below are some ways in which you can take care of your shredder to ensure a long life.

1. Cleaning

First off, let’s start with cleaning. When you have used the shredder, make sure that you give it some time to cool off. Once it is not hot because of use, it is ready to get cleaned. Take it out of the plug and put on some gloves for safety purposes. Next, try to dislodge any and all blockage that you view at first glance. These can be tiny branches, twigs, and even rocks.

Open the cleaning trap and get rid of all the dribs that might have piled inside it. You can even use a metallic scarper for this step. Lastly, remove any dust that must have piled on top of the machine. Doing this with a dry washcloth will be efficient.

2. Blades

Next is the step of taking care of the knives and the blades in your machine. If these are not operating properly, then you can give up on the idea of having a working shredder. These blades should always be sharp to do the job quickly. After every 20-24 hours of use, you should sharpen the blades and replace any cracked knives, if any. Moreover, the blunt ones should also be removed to avoid any trouble later on.

Remember that this is a difficult step and should be either done by a professional or done under the supervision of a professional.

3. Storage

you should be careful of how you are storing your machine. Before you put it to rest, make sure that it is not plugged into the socket. Next, you should also ensure that all the nuts and screws are tightened. This way, there will be no nasty surprise awaiting you later on. While putting it away, make certain that you keep it in a dry and ventilated area. This is very important as putting it in wet spots can not only lead to rusting but also damage the internal parts of your machine.

Also, keep an eye on the usage of it. If you feel like you won’t be using it anytime soon, then you should empty the fuel tank. Either do it manually or keep the engine running until it runs out of fuel.


Garden shredders are the perfect tool when it comes to reducing dirt and waste in your outdoor space. However, there can be various problems along the way if proper care is not taken in the maintenance process. Read on above to learn how to fix a jammed garden shredder and other methods of maintenance.




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