Disguise Garden Drain

How to Disguise Drain Covers in Garden?

Maintaining a garden can take up a lot of your time and energy. In this process, even after giving the garden hours of your day, there can be some elements that might stick out like a sore thumb. All your hard work will go right down the drain if you have open and protruding drains in the middle of your space.


To help you with the dilemma of safely disguising these, we have got some tips down below. Read on to get some insight into how to disguise drain covers with ease and affordability.

Disguise Garden Drain

Recessed Tray Options

Drains are crucial for your garden. They will ensure water flowage and a good sewerage system. The only issue is that they can look ugly. To help cover the drain and disguise it aesthetically, the best idea is to opt for the recessed tray options. The reason it is a top pick when it comes to covering drains and manhole covers is that it provides utmost efficiency combined with an aesthetic touch as well.  

The good thing about such trays is that they come in various types. You can pick one based on your preferences. Also, you need to keep in consideration what you choose to fill it with. These drains will help in blending in with the theme of your garden. Another appealing aspect of this trick is that you won’t be required to work on the maintenance of the cover. This way, it’s going to be a one-time effort and will get the job done.

There are two basic types of trays, the standard and the permeable one. The standard one is more often used for vehicles and pedestrians, while the permeable one can be a suitable fit for your garden. It usually comes with a load-bearing surface so that you can place objects on it without any trouble. It is always a good idea to replace any industrial-looking covers that you might have with these trays.

You can fill these trays with pavement for roads or even flowers and grass. The process of filling them with grass and flower can be quite tedious, but the result will be worth it.

Alternative Methods

1.  Aesthetic Deck

Another method of hiding these is by building a small deck. This is a pretty basic process, and all you have to do is place a deck on top of your drain. You can either choose to build the deck from scratch or get a ready-made one. This will be a lightweight and removable one so that you can move it around and adjust it according to your need.

To give it an even more unique look, you can place tiny pebbles around the deck. This will make it look less like you’re hiding the cover and will give off a natural look. Moreover, these stones will also help in guiding the water into it that is placed below your deck.

2.  Pots and Plants

The next very apparent trick to hide a drain is by placing a pot or a plant on it. Start by ensuring that it has a cover on it that can withhold weight. This cover should have holes in it so that water can flow easily. Once the cover is tackled, the next job is to pick a pot or a plant suitable to the size of the drain. You don’t want to pick one that is too big or too small.

Too big of a pot will completely block the path to the drain and leave you with a mess. On the other hand, a smaller pot will not be equipped enough to hide it. Measure out the size of your drain and try different pots.

3.  Pieces of Rocks and Pots

Next to a practical and aesthetically pleasing idea to get tiny pieces of rocks or pots. These tiny rocks can be in various forms, but the one very famous form is that of pebbles. Start by covering your drain with a lid that will allow water and liquids to pass through. Once done, you can place tiny rocks and pebbles around it and some on top of it. This will give you a pebbled patch in the middle of your garden.

With these tiny pieces of rocks or pebbles, if you want, you can create a pathway as well. This pathway is a perfect pick if there are two or more drains in a row. You can also put planks of wood on the drain but try to keep them a bit lifted from the ground so that the water has easy access to the drainage system.

Why Is It Important to Cover Drains?

Many people tend to get annoyed at the idea of getting a cover for their drains, and eventually, they just let them be. This is not the right thing to do. Open and uncovered are not only unappealing, but they are also dangerous at times. Moreover, coming to the major purpose of a drain cover, you can be safe from any environmental contamination.

Rainwater that seems harmless initially can get extremely dangerous to health if it stays on the ground for long. While gardening, you are bound to spill some water. These will help find a place for that water and provide you with a neat, tidy and efficient system of getting rid of the water. What’s more, putting a cover on your drain will help make sure that larger objects stay out of the system. This cover will not just work as a disguise but will also help keep it clean and clear.

Bottom Line

Your garden needs all the attention it can get. The thing about decorating and planting is that you have to take in various factors. Drains are an important part for they save you from contamination and dirt, but they can also look quite ugly. Read on above to find the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing setup for your garden.



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