Cover Garden Furniture

How To Cover Garden Furniture?

Your garden is the place most visible to everyone around you. It may form the exterior of your house and often face neglect in maintenance, but it for sure adds to your home’s aesthetics.

Similarly, garden furniture and accessories help you keep the outdoors organized and act as an excellent companion for some outdoor time. Garden furniture comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be made of traditional material or modern materials such as Rattan, Wicker, etc.

Cover Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is an essential part of any homeowner’s arsenal. Not only does it make spending time in the outdoors convenient, but it also adds a touch of class if you choose wisely, that is. Chic wicker-made furniture is the go-to style these days. The minimalistic-styled furniture is a must-have for everyone.

No furniture is safe from the elements of nature, especially outdoor furniture. If you have rattan or wicker furniture for the outdoors, you must protect it to avoid damage over time. Wicker and Rattan furniture requires minimum maintenance, but it can still feel the pinch of weather elements.

The accumulation of dust, moisture buildup, and exposure to the sun must be avoided at all costs to safeguard the furniture. For this reason, you must cover the garden furniture.

In this blog, we shall discuss the essential aspects of efficiently covering your garden furniture and protecting it from becoming prey to the elements of nature.

Beware of the Garden Furniture Dimensions

One of the most important aspects of covering your garden furniture like all other coveralls is the size. The covers’ size must be a good fit for the furniture and not pertain to what we call a one-fit-for-all. In this one-fit for everything, the covers may be too large or too small.

If the covers are too small, there would be patches of the furniture still exposed to the elements. It would look abysmal if a part of the furniture displayed a different shade than the rest. Weather elements such as water and sunlight can fade the color of the furniture.

Similarly, larger covers will have plenty of space for moisture to creep in and harm the furniture inside. Large size covers are susceptible to winds blowing them away in all directions. The right fit covers will protect the furniture from winds, water, and sunlight.

Get covers from the furniture manufacturer

The perfect way to get the best fit covers your furniture is by purchasing them from the manufacturer. The manufacturer knows the furniture’s size and dimensions to the tea, and their products will be the best fit for the furniture.

If you can’t find such covers, it is advisable to ask the dealer to show you some covers when you’re buying the furniture. It saves you from multiple trips to the market, and you can check there and then whether the covers fit or not.

UV-resistant and water-resistant

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is the quality of material the covers are made of. The covers have to be UV resistant and water-resistant to afford the furniture the protection they deserve. You should consider getting UV protection furniture covers made of Rattan and Wicker as these two materials tend to fade when subjected to long exposures to the sun.

The cover’s fit is essential as it allows just the right amount of airflow to reduce the buildup of moisture inside the covers. Too tight, and the insides will get damp, allowing, too loose, and the covers will get blown away from the winds, thereby exposing the furniture.

The matter of water-resistant covers is an important one as the water element can cause havoc to the furniture’s integrity. Not only does the furniture require a lot of maintenance in this case, come springtime, but it also may show discoloration. Hence, waterproof covers are an absolute necessity.

Miscellaneous tips on covering your garden furniture

  • As mentioned earlier, an essential aspect to take care of when covering garden furniture is to make sure the furniture is dry before the covers are place Otherwise, the moisture present can lead to harmful effects, including the growth of fungus, mildew, and the deterioration of the furniture.
  • Another right top to remember when covering garden furniture is to remove the cushions when storing the furniture. The cushions should preferably go in the cushion box; it could be a storage chest or a 2 in 1 deck box acting as secondary storage. It keeps the moisture away from the cushions, susceptible to softening if placed under such conditions for long.
  • In the winter months, make sure to keep the garden furniture in a patio or semi-enclosed space as winds and snow can wreak havoc upon the furniture. This way, with waterproof covers on, the garden furniture will have a semblance of a chance to withstand the weather elements.
  • Stacking your furniture, especially sofas and chairs, will save a lot of investment in buying covers for individual sofa or chair. Stack the chairs or sofas and measure the dimensions of the assembled chairs. You can then have custom covers made for your garden furniture and save good money.
  • Another oft-neglected tip to save your garden furniture is to clean it for stains and dust particles regularly. If the dust doesn’t settle on the furniture for long, chances won’t get damaged. The best time to bring out the dust mops is before storing your furniture.
  • Finally, if you cannot keep the dust off the garden furniture regularly, opt for an aluminum or wax coating. The coating helps the garden furniture looking fresh and protected from the effects of moisture and dust. It is also relatively easy to clean the furniture with wax coating in place. For wooden or wicker furniture, you can choose a varnish topcoat.


Garden furniture, like any other piece of equipment in your house, requires special care. It is because this type of furniture has to face the full brunt of the weather elements. Keeping them away from moisture and sunlight is the key and using waterproof covers that fit the furniture is the way to go by.


Have any other tips on covering garden furniture? Get in touch! Check out this video below on how to make covers for your garden furniture:

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