Cleaning Garden Slabs

How To Clean Garden Slabs

Gardens and patios are one part of the house that can lift or drown the entire aesthetic of your home. Now, with interior designers and architects placing such high importance on these places, you must make them look as presentable as you can. Sometimes, though, you don’t need to have extravagant statues and waterfalls to make it look beautiful. You would be surprised to see the wonders of a clean garden. Do your garden slabs look like they could do with some cleaning? If yes, then don’t worry! No need to run away either.

This comprehensive guide is going to walk you step by step through the entire cleaning process. Moreover, we will also let you know of all the basics you will need to Kickstart the process. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Cleaning tools

The first step is to make sure that you have all the cleaning tools and resources available. Following are some crucial things you should have on hand

  • A hard-bristled brush
  • A bucket
  • Water (Warm preferably)
  • Soap water or detergents
  • Vinegar
  • Bleaching agents

Cleaning Garden Slabs

Time to get to cleaning the garden slabs

There is no one hard and fast way to cleaning a garden slab. Among the various methods jotted down below, you can pick one that suits your fancy. Whether it is a convenience you are looking for or you want something that will get even the most stubborn stains outs, we have got it all for you.

1.      Cleaning garden slabs using detergents

Cleaning garden slabs by using detergents is perfect for all those of you who have noticed minor stains. Since these stains are not stubborn, they will come off easily with the help of detergent water.

Declutter your space

First off, start by cleaning up your garden. Try to declutter the garden space and get rid of all things that can be moved around. This way, you can have the maximum amount of space for cleaning.  Moreover, all stains will be easily visible to you.

Use the broom

Next, you bring in the broom. Sweep the space you declutter to get rid of any dirt on the surface. With dust gone from the ground and the slabs, the detergent water can affect the stains more effectively.

Detergent water

The next step would be to bring in the detergent water. Take a bucket of warm water and add some detergent to it. Mix it well and pour it over the slabs. Make sure to aim the stains.

Scrub it away

You can start scrubbing once your slab is slippery and covered with soapy water. Use a hard-bristled brush, scrub the stains thoroughly to get them out.

Last wave

Lastly, once the scrubbing is done, pour in some water to rinse the slab. Make sure to wash it at least twice to get all the dirt out.

2.      Cleaning garden slabs using bleach

Many times garden slabs tend to have algae and various other bacteria hidden in the corners. Getting rid of them just by using detergent might not be possible, and that is where bleach comes in.


Similar to the previous method, you should start by decluttering your garden slabs and cleaning away any excess dirt. The simplest way is to get your hands on a broom and get to work.

Water it down

The next step is to clean the slab by using warm water. Pour the water into the corners and creeks to loosen the grip of algae. It is even better if you pour it by pressure through a hose.

Bring in the bleach

Before we jump in to try to take some small solution of bleach and water and test-try it on a small corner of the slab. If there are no negative results, then you can proceed. Take some bleaching powder and pour it carefully over the stains and the algae-affected areas. Remember to wear gloves and goggles to stay safe. Once you have powdered the slab, leave it be for an hour.

Last wave

Lastly, scrub the powder on the slab once and wash it away. Let the slab dry and see the results!

3.      Cleaning garden slabs with vinegar

Lastly, we have vinegar for you. When it comes to finding quick and long-lasting results for cleaning, vinegar is a top contender.


In this step, it is not just suggested but highly recommended to declutter your garden space. This includes finding a temporary place for your plants, pots, and furniture. The acidic content from vinegar might harm your possessions, so keep them away or cover them.

Get the weeds out

The next step is to get the weeds out. You can either choose to do it manually by digging and pulling out each root, or you can pour boiling hot water on them. Once the weeds are out, move on to sweeping and dusting the area.

Bring in the vinegar

Coming to the main step, before you bring in the vinegar, wash the area. You don’t need to obsessively scrub it, just rinse the slab with warm water. Once done, take more water in a bucket, pour in some vinegar, and mix it well. Now, you can pour the mixture on top of the slab. Cover the entire area and let it sit for half an hour or 45 minutes. Like the beaching method, remember to test-try a small patch to check for discoloration or other issues.

Water it down

Lastly, once the 45 minutes are over, take a brush and scrub the slabs. Rinse it at least twice to get all the vinegar out. And that’s it! You’re done. Wait for it to dry and put all your stuff back in its place.


These cleaning methods are extremely simple to follow and budget-friendly. Once you are cleaning your garden slabs with either of the three, remember to keep up with the cleaning. Regular maintenance of your garden will not only make it look beautiful but also help in avoiding any further stubborn stains. Happy gardening!


Have you got any other tricks or tips cleaning garden slabs? Get in touch!

Check out this helpful video on how to clean your garden slabs

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